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Monday – Friday:
12– 11pm

12 – 11pm

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Telephone: 020 7734 3924

Website: http://www.zillirestaurants.co.uk/green/


40 Dean Street
Soho W1D 4PY


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Not Wonderful Anymore Oh dear - what has happened to Zilli Green? This was our go-to restaurant for a wedding anniversary weekend in London and, having been there a few times before, we had high expectations of a good evening despite having read some very poor reviews of late. The starter of oriental style dumplings was tasty but a little over oily, but it was the mains that killed Zilli Green for us. I ordered tofu sausage with spring green mash. The sausages were lacklustre (we suspect bought in) affairs, but I stared in disbelief after tasting the mash and asked my husband to taste it. Yep, it tasted like Smash powdered potato. We asked the embarrassed looking waiting staff and after a few minutes the head chef bowled up. He confirmed what we suspected - the spring onion mash was made with organic potato flakes not real potatoes that had been actually mashed. Add water and stir, charge £11.90. Nice work if you can get it. My husband ordered Mexican black bean chilli and crispy tortillas. The head chef claimed to have made the crispy tortillas. If true, this person has the singular distinction of being able to replicate the look, texture and taste of mass produced nachos right down to the conveyor marks. Then again, this is the same head chef who said with a straight face that they had served the organic potato flaked to "millions" of customers. Given it opened Feb 14th 2010 - that means a minimum of 2,700 customers every single day eating their fancy Smash. That's some going. Even the chilli managed to deliver less taste than a store bought salsa. At this stage, and having met the defiantly proud peddler of smash mash and dorritos, we left. We paid for the starter and they still charged us for the wine (only half drunk) and water. I know people will say we shouldn't have paid - but on principle I didn't want them to think we were complaining to get out of paying for anything. The sad thing is we had such high hopes for Zilli Green, but I'm embarrassed to think that people will eat there thinking this is anywhere near the pinnacle of vegetarian dining. Negative Maggie Cotton
Wed, 23 Feb 2011 18:03:32 +0000

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