Neal's Yard Salad Bar

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1 Neal's Yard
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9DP


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After approximately 20 years I returned to Neal's Yard Salad Bar. I ordered a small mixed salad and a carrot and apple juice. I can only say how extremely disappointed I was. The salad consisted some iceberg salad, tasteless beetroot and unripe tomatoes. On the side was a gooey green mess of a salad cream and the offer of balsamic vinegar. It was a tasteless, uninteresting and uninspired food - boring and a total rip-off and cost £5.50 for the salad which was served on a small cake plate i.e. indeed small. On paying I mentioned to the older gentleman (dare I call him that) behind the bar that the food was very much below standard and he immediately began to scream at me and I mean scream saying such things like "even if you vomit I will not give you your money back"... in all it was disgusting food and equally disgusting behaviour. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS RESTAURANT UNLESS YOU WANT EXTREMELY TASTELESS, BORING,POOR QUALITY AND POOR VALUE FOOD. I won't even begin on the juice - how can one make a tasteless juice??? If this is the sort of thing Londoner's are happy to offer tourists then it is any wonder that the UK food reputation still is what it is. Happily I did eat at some wonderful restaurants in and around Convent Garden but seriously someone should properly evaluate this Salad Bar as it does reflect poorly and really shouldn't be allow - such a rip-off Negative Michele Visser-Fitton
Wed, 13 Apr 2011 15:28:09 +0100
Children's portions/options need to be available e.g. small pizza or veg hot dogs; toast and peanut butter looked possible but only available til 12 noon, no flexibility. Had to personally speak to the chef to ask for veg sausages for my son! No bread/toast available with this! My mixed salad looked great on the menu but was very plain. Menu in general hugely overpriced too. Shame I chose this place to take my meat eating friend, not a good experience of veggie food. She paid over £5 for a gloopy soup and was told bread was extra!! Definately not going there again. Negative sue austen
Mon, 23 Aug 2010 21:51:22 +0100
On a previous occasion I had had a very nice chocolate cake, so was looking forward to my meal. However, one of my group got served before me despite arriving later. I later discovered that this was because he had been given my main course! I was served with his main course, which was tasteless. By the time I realized this it would have been too late to get a replacement. I told the waiter, who did nothing. When I got the bill I asked that this mistake be taken into account in what I was charged. The waiter said he was unable to help me. I asked to see the manager, but was told by the waiter that I would have to go to him. When I calmly and politely explained the situation to the manager he interrupted me, refused to listen, talked over me and told me that I should have noticed that there were no beans on my plate. He was very agitated, angry and rude. I would certainly not recommend this restaurant to anyone. If you are vegan the available options are very limited and this no longer includes the chocolate cake. The meal came to nearly £20 for 2 mediocre courses and a drink, so is also very poor value. There are lots of vegetarian eateries in the area that understand the concept of customer care, so don't waste your money here. Negative Robin
Sun, 13 Jun 2010 19:51:33 +0100
Now I love Neal's Yard Salad Bar, and I go there more than any other vegetarian/vegan place because of its handy location, but it does tend to be a bit of a hit-and-miss affair. Decor is wonderful: bright, eccentric and eclectic - and the restaurant fills almost all of Neal's Yard. Wonderful atmosphere. My primary problem is the service. Sometimes you have to go and hunt down a waiter to get you a table. If you get a takeaway, they always frown at you and are very apathetic. One thing I cannot stand is bad customer service - lived in London all my life so I should be used to it - but there's no need to be rude. Upon being seated a guy comes up to you and asks if you 'plan to eat'. (Strange, seeing as it's what they specialise in...) He then asks if you plan to use cash - they don't take cards which is really inconveient in an area where there are so many cash point queues! Sometimes orders are taken wrong and you don't get what you asked for. Some waiters are really lovely and are very welcoming to regulars- it's totally the luck of the draw. It does a great range of vegan desserts, which are well priced - chcolate prestigio cake is a wonderfully moist chocolate/coconut vegan cake. (For quite a price you can order a personalised whole one for birthdays etc which they very kindly prepared for us) Ginger and berry tart is wonderfully balanced in taste - though often served hot and cold (too little time in the microwave I think). Mango truffle is another gorgeous vegan dessert. Similarly starters are delicious - vegan bruschettas are gorgeous, fried kibe balls are yummy, and so is the spinach quiche. The vegan pizza is peculiar. Very sweetcorny, and uses too much vegan mayo for my taste. The base is always rock hard as well. Sometimes served hot, sometimes cold. Mains and drinks are very very overpriced. Almost £4 for juice (though pineapple and mint is a must-try), even tea is more expensive than it should be. Milkshakes are nice, so nice they're almost worth the price. There isn't a lot of choice for mains. There are generally about two vegan choices, feijoada is nice but £11 (which I consider pricey), and meal of the day tends to be same-y - lot of veg and starchy food cooked into a slightly stodgy stew. Sometimes they serve noodles, and a fruity curry which are so tasty - but this is once in a blue moon. Generally it's risotto or couscous, which are so similar I can't tell them apart. The salads for which they are famous tend to be really rather bland and expensive, and avoid pumpkin and pole.nta pie - to dry and stodgy to swallow without a lot to wash it down. In my advice - go for a wide range of starters and sides - go for two rather than a main meal - it'll still be cheaper - and then enjoy the desserts. Alternatively, brave the stern-faced man behind the counter and get a takeaway and eat in the Yard itself - it'll feel the same as one of the tabes outside. Neutral KMG
Wed, 22 Jul 2009 23:02:24 +0100

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