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My wife and I were staying in London during May 2010, and upon checking my list of Vege restaurants in the latest addition of The Vegetarian, I was delighted to notice that the Itadaki Zen was almost immediately opposite where we were staying. Not familiar with vegetarian Japanese food we were both very excited. (I am vegetarian my wife is not but enjoys vege food) The restaurant is quite small with only around 5 tables in the area upon entry. Once inside we noticed two waiting staff and there were 2 diners. We waited to be acknowledged but this was not rapid, and it almost got to that 'uncomfortable' stage before we were greeted. We were then shown to a table for two, and given the menu's. Not being an experienced Japanese vegetarian diner, we were not able to make sense of the menu's. Lots of dishes but lacked detail for us to make an informed choice. Also it was not clear what or how the meal should be constructed with many 'side dishes'. Our waiter took our drinks order and we asked him for an explanation of the menu. He was unable to assist us due to language difficulties, and pointed to his colleague. We then waited while this waiter chatted on his mobile phone, then had a chat with someone passing outside, and then returned back to his phone call. Finally he arrived at our table and tried to advise us of how to structure our meal and explained some of the dishes. We ordered some Miso soup to start with, and then took his recommendation of a house favourite noodle dish, some vege sushi, tofu and bean dish, spring rolls, and a spicy vegetable dish. Waiting is not a problem when you know the food is being prepared fresh, and it didn't seem too long. Dishes arrived without explanation, and not all at once. Eating the small beans with the chopsticks was fun, but if you are not adept at this, make sure you take your own cutlery. We noticed that the soup had not arrived, and thought that maybe they serve it after the main. We had no idea. So now for the food itself. One word came through continually, salty. The noodles came with very few mushrooms in it and for £7.50 was quite uneventful. The sushi was not great and consisted of flavourless rice wrapped up, the bean and tofu was very tasty if again salty, the spicy vegetable dish was nice but the fact it was cold made it a little odd. The spring rolls however were light and delicious. These dishes completed, and our drinks having expired some time ago, we kept trying to catch the eye of a waiter. In such a small establishment you would think it was easy, especially when a 3rd member arrived, but they stayed at the serving hatch, whilst the one that translated remained on his mobile phone again. We waited, and waited, not knowing what was happening. Where was our Miso soup??? Our dishes remained empty on our table until I finally managed to catch on passing the waiter who had advised us and asked about the soup. As thought, this had been completely missed so we simply requested our bill and left. Final thoughts:- The idea behind its sustainability is fabulous, as is the use of such fresh ingredients and a very clean and efficient decor. Warmth and atmosphere were what was missing most. It didn't allow us to become part of the experience, and they really should make it clearer to those who are trying this cuisine for the first time, as it is not an everyday occurrence to find a Japanese vegetarian restaurant. Its uniqueness is why we went, however it failed to do what all restaurants must, and that is to make us feel welcome and excited. Having tried many other vege restaurants in London which are comparable in price, I will not be rushing to return to Itadaki Zen. Negative John
Tue, 25 May 2010 18:04:33 +0100
The Itadaki-zen restaurant was born from the need to provide a source of food which integrates into a cycle of sustainability. The goal is to reach a state in which the restaurant can self-produce its own vegetables following farming methods which are themselves sustainable for the wider ecosystem. Our Cuisine favors the use of organic ingredients and tries to employ only seasonable grown vegetables. However, the Itadaki-zen agricultural approach targets beyond the bounded and often misleading organic standards, towards a form of agriculture developed with and for nature. Rice, root vegetables, seaweeds, soya beans and by-products, are recurrent ingredients in our cuisine because deemed to be essential for a sanitary and strong metabolism. “Slow food” characterizes the cuisine preparation, reflecting appreciation and care in the making of each dish. Food is always prepared with traditionally harvested Korean and French sea salt. The Itadaki-zen runs also as a dynamic Art gallery. Changing paintings every month it promotes youg artists. Jazz and Classical music characterize uninterruptedly the restaurant background. Live Music events involving friends and professionals are carried out weekly. Positive Luca Urbano
Sat, 09 Jan 2010 18:07:35 +0000

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