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Telephone: 023 8063 8998


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25 High Street,
Hampshire SO14 2DF

Past Bargate, Past Barclays Bank in direction of Red Funnel IOW Ferry terminal.


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Having visited with friends for the first time last night, Saturday 26th May, we were thrilled with the excellent food and service. The food was so much better than what we have eaten at more 'traditional' Indian restaurants; much healthier and with really delicious, varied flavours. We were lucky enough to have an excellent introduction from Ram to some of the dishes and are pleased we followed his recommendations. Loved the decor.... Will certainly recommend to everyone! Positive Suzanne Homer
Sun, 27 May 2012 14:07:29 +0100
Centre of attraction for authentic south indian food! Food was excellent in taste and were served in attractive way. Positive Lakshmi
Sat, 11 Feb 2012 19:35:59 +0000
The food was great and highly recommended for enjoying authentic indian food. Positive Suman
Sat, 11 Feb 2012 19:27:08 +0000
Indian Melody is the best south Indian restaurant in Southampton without doubt. The setting and atmosphere within the restaurant is superb with lovely and attractive wooden furnitures set across the restaurant. The staff are very friendly, polite and are very knowledgeable about the menu. The service is excellent. It is really a good option to have the open kitchen; with this you can see the food being prepared freshly. Gobi Manchurian is one of my favourite starters as well as sambhar vada. The quality of food is outstanding and is the best i've seen in a South Indian Restaurant. Keep it up !!! Positive Priyanka
Mon, 08 Aug 2011 11:32:58 +0100
My friend and I visited this restaurant for the 1st time on 1st June. The exterior didn't look very promising, but once inside we were pleasantly surprised at the colonial theme. We were shown to a table quickly, and the waitress took our order for drinks, but she struggled to understand our order for Di Saronno (on the menu) We waited for some time for the drinks, then saw she was struggling to open the bottle! After a further wait we asked if she could take our food order, and she explained in broken English that the ice wasn't yet ready. When the food did eventually arrive, it was delicious. The napkins were white linen and nice cutlery, but the coasters were old stained pub mats, and it was dark due t the lack of light bulbs in the fittings! Overall - lovely food but service not great. We would have stayed for dessert but were driven out by the odd choice of music, which sounded like a broken fire alarm! Neutral V Tann
Wed, 01 Jun 2011 18:29:08 +0100
Very, very good. I have been 4 times in three weeks it is that good. There is always something different to try and the service is excellent. I highly recommend it. Positive Tom
Wed, 04 May 2011 19:05:20 +0100
I really appreciate the taste and quality of food in Indian Melody. I have very good experience whenever I visited there. It's now being a one of our favourite restaurant. Positive Navrang Rattan
Sun, 01 May 2011 19:28:26 +0100
Beautiful food and excellent service. The whole menu is vegetarian (and fish and egg free). They are also able to omit milk but exchanging it for soya or coconut. All of the food is food is cooked there and then so if you have any allergies, they can be easily catered for. The staff we met were really helpful and recommended several tasty dishes (my favourite was the cashew pakora). I also had a dosa for the first time. It was a huge very thin savoury pancake with a potato and mushroom curry under it. It had tasty sauces that came with it that you could dip the dosa in. I throughly recommend this restaurant. I have been to a number of Indian restaurants in Southampton (as we are spoilt for choice) and this has to be Positive Rebecca
Sat, 02 Apr 2011 21:03:19 +0100
We went to this restaurant in search for good indian food, and we couldn't have found a better place! The food is delicious, and like nothing we have had before. Genuine indian vegetarian food, suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. The best indian restaurtant we have ever visited, and we will come back! Thank you for a delicious and exciting food experience! Rickard and Ia Positive Maria-Pia
Mon, 07 Mar 2011 16:28:29 +0000
Last night the 14.02.2011 we went to Melody for the first time. We have to say we had a fantastic evening and the food was out of this world. I have to say the new starter they were serving was one of the best tasting dishes I have ever tried. The food tasted healthy and traditional and the service was fantastic we were also welcomed by the owner who has a real passion for the food the experience he offers. We are now planning our next trip back and will be taking along a group of friends. Thanks very much Chris and Sarah Positive chris thornton
Tue, 15 Feb 2011 10:26:29 +0000
Myself and my husband heve been there twice so far. We have really enjoyed the food. I am vegetarian so it is refreshing to find somewhere that has an extensive menu that caters for vegetarians. It will definately become our local eatery for nights out. The manager is extremely friendly and helpful as well. Positive ele
Wed, 19 Jan 2011 21:38:35 +0000
I had dinner at the Indian Melody a few weeks ago. I usually don't really like vegeterian meals but I have to say the food there was really good. I especially loved their rice!!! In addition, the service was really good and the people were very kind. Highly recommend it if you are looking for a nice place to eat in Southampton. Positive Vikki
Thu, 16 Dec 2010 15:20:16 +0000
We've been to Indian Melody twice and both times the experience has been great. The food is delicious and it's great being able to order anything off the menu without trying to spot the veggie dishes in between the meat. Other reviews have questioned the levels of service but I would disagree. This isn't a restaurant that expects you to eat up quickly and leave so they can sit other people at your table. It's a proper dining experience where you are given time to savour the food. The owner is friendly and keen to ensure you are happy. I would highly recommend visiting Indian Melody. It won't be long before we visit again. Positive Nick
Thu, 16 Dec 2010 10:07:15 +0000
My wife and I are South Indians and vegetarians. We had an enjoyable meal in this relatively new restaurant recently. we were pleasantly surprised to find authentic and freshly prepared South Indian food on par with any of the famous South Indian restaurants in London. The service was prompt and delivered with a smile and the owner's enthusiasm was infectious. The dishes are somewhat pricey and understandably so because vegetarian South Indian cooking as yet is not mainstream. To the uninitiated, the restaurant will do well to offer a taster menu. Speaking from a personal point of you I sincerely hope that this restaurant gets the success that it deserves. Positive Prakash Ratan
Mon, 15 Nov 2010 17:31:42 +0000
Having been recommended this local restaurant I was very excited to try the cuisine. My friend and I were were sad to find that after our 5 minute journey home the food was room temperature. We had to reheat 13 dishes + 3 rice dishes in the microwave. The food was tasty, however we did not have any idea what we were eating; some of the curries were quite watery and the sweet was indistinguishable. I feel that getting a take-away was a bad idea. I feel discouraged by this experience and have stated this to the restaurant. Communication and customer service could be better. Negative Jenna
Thu, 11 Nov 2010 20:46:58 +0000
I eat at Indian Melody on a regular basis and every time I go there I try something new and the food is just simply amazing, I don't think there is any other restaurant like it. The food is different, tastier, fresh and DELICIOUS! The service was great, the owner took time and took interest in our order and made sure it was delivered on time and according to the preferences. The waiting staff were all so lovely and well dressed and polite. Overall it was a great experience and all Vegetarians and none Vegetarians, I would urge you to go try it! It's amazing! And it's now my favourite eat out spot! :-D Positive Lily
Sun, 24 Oct 2010 23:41:23 +0100
I've eaten at this restaurant a couple of times since it opened, most recently in early September, and both times have found the food exceptionally good. It is clear everything has been cooked to order with fresh ingredients, the quality has been outstanding. The owner is very attentive, and extremely passionate about his business and vegetarianism. Talking to him is an experience not to be missed. I would definitely recommend dining here. Positive Gez
Sun, 24 Oct 2010 22:37:47 +0100
the food was good but the service is realy disappointed. there is no proper service people. Neutral rahim
Sat, 09 Oct 2010 10:50:32 +0100
Had a fantastic experience at Indian Melody this evening. Food was fresh and packed with flavor and the recommended dishes by the owner were great! Loved the decor and the vibe of the restaurant. Will definitely be going again. Positive Ben
Wed, 08 Sep 2010 21:50:15 +0100
We have visited this restaurant recently and had a fantastic food. It is a proper south Indian vegetarian restaurant. We had Soft Dosa, Vegi fried rice and Bhel Puri... everything was fantastic, freshly cooked. Restaurant atmosphere is homely. Finally we have a pure vegi south Indian restaurant in Southampton, instead of going to Reading or London. We will definitely visit again and highly recommend to anyone fancy good Indian Vegetarian food. Positive Murali & Sindhu
Wed, 08 Sep 2010 19:55:50 +0100
Great food in the heart of Southampton. Everything from starters to main dishes to buttermilk was great. Definitely worth a visit. Gobi Manchurian was amazing so was the Fried Rice.... Staff was very friendly and welcoming esp Ram. Surely now on our list of regulars... Positive Chintan
Mon, 30 Aug 2010 19:11:46 +0100
We came across this amazing restaurant by accident when looking online for somewhere we could eat dosas in Southampton, and we're so very glad we found it. There hasn't been a pure vegetarian restaurant in Hampshire for years. Sure, there are a couple of veggie cafes, but no proper restaurant for a long time, so Indian Melody's arrival is very welcome. Add to that the fact that it serves proper Indian food (not the overly greasy Anglicised gloop served in so many high street tandoori restaurants) and Indian Melody has instantly become our favourite restaurant. The decor and style is very homely, the whole restaurant is immaculately clean, the prices are very reasonable and best of all, the food and drink was deeeeeelicious! Two of us, plus our 7 year old son had three courses and drinks and the bill was just £40. We met Ram, the owner, who was passionate about vegetarianism and the natural environment as well as his business. We'll definitely be making the trip back to Indian Melody very soon and will be taking as many veggie and carnivorous friends with us as we can round up. Positive Jon and Sharon Brown
Tue, 24 Aug 2010 22:34:46 +0100
I'm a North Indian(New Delhi) who had lived in Chennai(South India) for 5 yrs sometime back. The ambience of the place and the typical carnatic music took me back to my earlier days in Chennai. The food was typical South Indian food which was delicious and fresh. The South Indian Thali(with six curries,rice and puri) was excellent and the Dosa and Idli were tasty as well. I also liked the though put in the presentation of the place(even the plates/thali belong to Chennai). The staff was very friendly and accomodating. Also, I liked the antics which also represents the era of the Indian culture and the British Raj in India. Would definately visit the resturant again..!! Positive Vineet Dwivedi
Thu, 12 Aug 2010 23:07:51 +0100
I recently visited this restaurant for the first time recently and would recommend it to anyone! The food was all cooked freshly to order so it did take slightly longer than average but everything was well worth the wait. We ordered various dishes to share between 4 of us and all of them were delicious. Unlike some vegetarian dishes in other restaurants, each dish had a unique taste and the menu featured a lot of things I have never tried in any other restaurant. The staff were friendly and happy to recommend dishes to try. We followed several of the suggestions and were glad we did. The food was very good value and we enjoyed everything. I would also definitely recommend the restaurant to non-vegetarians, I was the only vegetarian in our group and everyone else enjoyed the meal as much as I did. I really hope this restaurant does well in Southampton, we will definitely be back! Positive Lucy
Wed, 11 Aug 2010 22:38:49 +0100
We had a meal at Indian Melody on Saturday evening. The food was delicious. The Masala Dosas were simply tremendous. All ingredients were fresh and, when cooked well, there's little that can beat Indian vegetarian. The decor of the restaurant is delightful - furniture brought back from family homes in India by the owner, some of it making a return trip having been made in England. If you're looking for slick service by starched-shirted waiters in waistcoats Indian Melody isn't for you. On the other hand, if you're looking to eat excellent reasonably-priced food in a friendly atmosphere that gives a real touch of India, it's as good as you'll get. Positive Charles
Mon, 09 Aug 2010 11:22:23 +0100
i go to this fabulous restaruant very frequently, and the review mentioned below is utter refuse, vindictive and vicious. this paul fellow obviously knows nothing about indian vegetarian food, and to have the audacity to say that the food lacks taste and authenticity is a personal attack and insult on the restaurant and the hard working people and owners that endevour to please the customers, and an insult to India. The food is freshly made, with fresh ingredients and NO PREPACKED STUFF. This paul is free to donate expensive glassware to the restaurant. I have always found the service excellent and attentive to detail, the workers of the restaurant are always clean and well dressed. I look forward to my next visit to this restaurant. Positive john
Sun, 01 Aug 2010 16:38:39 +0100
This is a truly first class showcase of some of the gastronomic delights that India has to offer. For far too long we Brits have been patronized by restaurants, and the greasy one-dimensional fare that masquerades as Indian food has become ubiquitous. This brave new restaurant is a welcome corrective to this and it bears out the owner's belief that the British diner deserves more. I feasted on some of the delights from the a la carte menu, along with some of my meat-eating friends for the first time. We were all taken by surprise so delicious were the culinary offerings. Our palates were regaled by aromatic multi-layered flavours sometimes combined with unexpected but wonderfully different textures. This is authentic home cooking served in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with little of the austere formality that many Europeans have come to expect. I welcomed the very slightly haphazard service, which complemented the authentic Indian food beautifully. Lastly, the open kitchen puts paid to any media-stoked hygiene concerns one might harbour, and it's good value for money to boot. Positive Judith Petersen
Sat, 31 Jul 2010 22:19:49 +0100
I decided to visit this restaurant after receiving a flyer advertising their extensive menu. I was impressed by the variety of different Indian vegetarian meals. My Wife is a vegetarian so I thought I would book a table for two. our visit was far from impressive. The waiter that greeted us was flustered and bumbled through his waiter impersonation, telling us that he always dressed casually on Saturdays only to appear 5 minutes later wearing a shirt that needed ironing and the remnants from Fridays menu on the tie. We ordered drinks and the waiter bought me my beer and forgot the water for my wife. The glass that was used was something you could purchase from Ikea for pennies or pick up for free from a garage. The food that we ordered whether it was starter main or side dish appeared as and when it was cooked, the main dished lacked taste and authenticity, and we were definitely not "wowed" by the dishes as the waiter promised us. I don't normally do reviews but I feel so disappointed having wasted an evening and money in this restaurant. Neutral Paul Carré
Sat, 31 Jul 2010 21:50:38 +0100
A group of 4 of us visited this restaurant last night, after having been there before and had a great meal. However, after 2 and a half hours, we left, having not received our main meal. The service was appalling - extremely slow and very inattentive. There was not even the excuse that the place was busy!! Our starter plates were never cleared away and after our initial drinks order, we were not asked (in 2 and a half hours!) if we wanted any more. We were incredibly disappointed, as the food on our previous visit had been excellent. Negative Amanda
Thu, 22 Jul 2010 10:05:44 +0100
I happened upon this restaurant by chance while out in Southampton on business and it was fantastic. I am not a vegetarian and would not have sought out this type of restaurant but I was enitirely converted. The decor and atmosphere was wonderful - very traditional with a hint of Imperial India. The owner was both enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate about the food which is freshly cooked and very different to the standard fayre replicated in Indian restaurants up and down the country. A thoroughly enjoyable, and educational evening which I would definitely repeat. Positive Jonathan Layzell
Tue, 13 Jul 2010 22:34:35 +0100
I have been to the restaurant a few times and vow to take all my meat eating friends who think that vegetarian food is boring. The food is delightful and so diverse. On my first visit I tried the special dosa and I think it was almost as long as I am tall (admittedly I am not the tallest girl around)! It is just so wonderful to have a dedicated vegetarian restaurant in Southampton, particularly one with such enthusiastic owners who believe so strongly in quality ingredients, freshly prepared food and vegetarianism. Forget about the oily, salty food you may assume synonymous with Indian restaurants in the UK, try this one instead, you will not be disappointed!!! Positive Katherine
Mon, 12 Jul 2010 15:20:14 +0100
I have been here several times now, I can truly say I have not had a better Indian meal, or quite possibly a better veggie dining experience. We were a group of 12 so they very politely asked us to give them our starters/mains in advance so they could get it all out fresh. Service was brilliant, the price was more than reasonable and the owner has a fantastic personality,he completely embodies vegetarian ethics. I took meat eaters who were amazed and friends who had travelled India, all left satisfied and wanting more. I cannot recommend them enough! Positive Rosie
Thu, 08 Jul 2010 20:46:07 +0100
Wow this was an amazing food experience ! We certainly were not disappointed with our choice of restaurant. The staff were very friendly and polite. The choice of food was amazing and the very enthusiastic manager Ram helped recommend some excellent dishes. An all round fabulous evening. Positive kerrie blake
Sun, 13 Jun 2010 19:21:05 +0100
We had a great experience with the buffet. Ram asked if we would like to make up our own Thali or leave it to him (which we chose). He told us that there is a dedicated vegan chef, and any dish can be made to be vegan using soya milk or coconut. He is extremely enthusiastic about his venture. Ram made up our dishes, and as these were presented we were told the name of each dish. Service was quick and courteous, and we very much enjoyed the meal complete with puri, poppadom, and small dessert. The buffet is just under £7 per person, and drinks are reasonable too, so buffet for two, with a pint of lager and a 175ml glass of wine, came to just under £20. My only suggestion is that the metal Thali dishes were not warmed, so the food was not hot when served. We will certainly be visiting again, next time trying the extensive main menu. Positive Jacqueline Pye
Thu, 27 May 2010 13:33:48 +0100
Attitude of staff: well mannered, smiling face, welcoming, well dressed and well explained about different items. Quality of food: I have never had such an excellent quality Indian vegetarian food and I really felt that I was in India and pleasantly surprised with the open kitchen. Atmosphere: relaxed, soothing classical music, pleasant and British Taj out look Price guide: very reasonable. Positive Ramesh. Sharma
Sun, 23 May 2010 13:40:15 +0100
I visited today for the first time, thinking I would try the lunchtime buffet. What a mistake. The worst food experience for many a year. maybe its better in the evenings. Maybe not. First, the service was awaful or non existant. I was shown to the so called buffet. I was not told what any of the dishes were. I was left by myself to guess. And I was given a tray with tiny little dishes on and told to help myself. I thought it was a joke. And my drinks order never arrived. A pity tho because the food was essentially quite nice if only there was rather more and if I knew what I was eating and i they had bothered to give me a plate. is it too much to walk into a restaurant and be given a plate. Then stupid me actually paid for the so called meal. The owners need to learn how to communicate, they need to make the buffet area more attractive, they need to keep the food hot, they need to tell people what is on offer and they need to buy some plates. Yes it may be lunchtime but not all vegetarians have bird like appetites. Biggest waste of my seven pounds. Negative Robert
Thu, 20 May 2010 13:53:36 +0100
Very Friendly Owner, Pure Vegetarian Food , Nicely cooked and the Flavours were just right. Its nice to have a pure vegetarian restaurant in Southampton , would highly recommend to visit. Wishing them all the success. Positive Mahesh and Harsha
Mon, 17 May 2010 22:02:27 +0100
I have been to the Indian Melody restaurant 4 times so far, and each time has been a splendid experience. There is so much to chose from the menu, I've had a different meal each time and they've all be fab! I was last there on the thursday that the previous comment was based on and I could not DISAGREE more. The service was wonderful, friendly, exquisite food that was cooked perfectly and tasted so fresh. I strongly recommend this restaurant to vegeterians and all people who love GOOD QUALITY indian food, it is a lovely little restaurant and I'll be going there again soon! Positive Sasha Gomez
Sat, 15 May 2010 22:08:03 +0100
I have visited this restaurant 3 times and I am afraid after my last experience I will not be going again. Being my birthday I took my daughter and grandaughter. Despite requesting the food mild - it was too hot and bitter for us - we left the majority of curries which were more like chutneys and some were very watery. The service was chaotic and we were overcharged. I am so disappointed as a vegetarian I so wanted this restaurant to be a success - Please please listen to your customers and write down their food choices don't leave it to memory. Negative sue onosey
Thu, 13 May 2010 10:35:00 +0100
thank you all for the great reviews. hope to see you again soon!! Neutral mahesh bharrathann (restaruant connection)
Sat, 08 May 2010 22:30:04 +0100
The food was exquisite, mainly south Indian, staff incredibly friendly. Owner Ram has created a wonderful atmosphere for us to enjoy the really good vegetarian and vegan food. Positive Judith Blake
Sat, 08 May 2010 11:58:16 +0100
This is simply the best Indian restaurant I have eaten at. Fresh authentic food, friendly welcoming staff, open kitchen and totally vegetarian. Fantastic. And great puddings. Positive Julian Harrow
Fri, 07 May 2010 22:50:06 +0100
Have been waiting for the Indian Melody to open for some time, wow, worth the wait. Ram and his staff are so good, taking time to explain the menu and the ingredients. The food is excellent and the prices refreshingling sensible in this, 'must be expensive 'cause we're trendy' age. I'll eat half a cow, however, the vegatable dishes in this predominately South Indian style are really delicious and very filling. It will take the family many visits to explore all they have to offer and yes, that is notice 'we will be back'. Thanks. Positive Steve
Tue, 04 May 2010 16:26:23 +0100
Hi, My Wife and I have seen this Restaurant develop over the last few months while they have been fitting it out. Two Sundays ago we had lunch, excellent decor and service. The food was of a high standard and they hadn't even officially opened. we will be coming back soon!! Positive Jonathan Newell
Tue, 04 May 2010 15:42:23 +0100
Myself and non veggie friend had lunch. The food was superb - fresh, aromatic and with unique wonderful flavours. The ambiance is great, you don't feel cooped in plenty of room, the decor interesting and stylish. The staff were very helpful without being pushy. I do hope this restaurant achieves the success it deserves. Positive Sue Onosey
Wed, 28 Apr 2010 14:48:56 +0100
Hampshire First Vegetarian Indian Restaurant. Opens Mid January 2010. Great Menu with a unique historical atmosphere of the British Raj in the 1920's Positive Ram Bharrathann
Sat, 12 Dec 2009 01:39:24 +0000

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