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Opening Times

Lunch buffet = 12noon to 3.30pm
Dinner a la carte = 5.30pm to 10.30pm


Telephone: 020 7381 2322

Website: http://www.222veggievegan.com

Email: Contact 222 Veggie Vegan

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222 North End Road
West Kensington
London W14 9NU


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We went to this restaurant on Saturday night with our 2 children. We felt really good there, the staff was kind, the place quiet and clean, there was a good choice of dishes and the quality of the food was really good, it was a good "oasis" of healthiness in our meals in London, made of sandwiches, sausages and so on. Should we come back to West Kensington again, we will surely come back here. Positive Federico
Tue, 26 Jun 2012 12:49:14 +0100
I booked to go to this restaurant for Valentine's Day. We arrived at 7.15pm to find the place absolutely heaving and, despite having booked, we couldn't see an empty table. We were quite horrified when we were directed to a tiny table that was squashed right between two other couples, one of whom had used it to park their bags/coats. The tables were literally 5cm apart and we could hear every word that was being said by those we were sitting next to - not really what you want for a romantic meal! Fortunately one couple left by the time we'd had our starters so we could move along. I know the restaurant is tiny and they want to maximise profit, but it's really not nice to force strangers to sit almost on top of each other. Our starters were tasty, as were our mains, though my tofu & spaghetti dish did not match the menu description or website photo and I think I should have been told that they had changed the dish before I'd ordered. Our drinks had no ice in them but ice was brought when we asked for it and the service was OK, considering they had a full house. I had high hopes for the chocolate cake dessert as I'd seen another diner eat a massive slice and it looked divine. Unfortunately it was dry and crumbly and I got a pathetically small slice (especially considering the cost). While I'd give the chocolate cake a wide berth, everything else was nice and the prices were quite reasonable so I may well go to 222 again some day. Neutral J Bonner
Mon, 15 Feb 2010 14:04:43 +0000
The buffet lunch is superb value, a really nice laid back atmosphere with some good reggae tunes. Healthy and nutricious eating are the watchwords here and if you go on a Saturday lunch-time you can also visit the famous North End Road market which is predominantly a fruit and vegetable market and right outside the door (you can do your week's shopping quite reasonably). Thought the carrot tart was utterly delicious, mung bean salad and the pasta salad were superb. This is a must visit place and at £7.50 per head for as much as you can eat don't wait a moment longer than you can help! If you go on a Saturday, go early and try and get one of the window seats so that you can watch the world and the market go by outside. The interior decor although small, is airy, pleasant, interesting and well thought out. I loved the fact that the chef/patron was sittting at the next table chatting to customers in a relaxed style which seems to reveal the justifyable confidence that he has in his product. Get down there and show this guy some love, as he deserves it. (30 years a veggie & Veg Soc Member) Positive David Nash
Sat, 18 Apr 2009 16:12:32 +0100
I have visited 3 times now, all evenings and would visit much more if I lived closer. Small, cosy restaurant, with tables close together - you sit very near to your neighbours. Great atmosphere and nice touches e.g. mini poinsettia plants on the tables at Christmas. The staff have always been polite, friendly and efficient. The food is superb - a real treat for vegans - imaginative menu, freshly prepared ingredients, decent wine and delicious desserts - the only problem is deciding what to order. The portion sizes are fine, and the food is well presented with care. Great ethos - vege/vegan, organic, local produce, and an extra Brownie point for having Ecover handwash in the ladies. We paid around £65 for a 3 course meal for two with side orders, soft drinks, a bottle of wine, and (a being greedy) 3 desserts - great value. My most favourite restaurant. Positive Cindy Cushnahan
Thu, 17 Jul 2008 11:12:49 +0100
Great food, good price (certainly for London), good staff. The wild mushroom pasta (about 7 quid) was the best vegan thing I have ever tasted! Superb! Its only a small place, so I think booking would be advised. Positive Tom Barrett
Mon, 14 Apr 2008 22:47:22 +0100
Went to this restaurant after reading good reviews on this site, and it was really excellent. The sunday lunch buffet was fantastic, and all of it vegan. Had a choice of lovely salads, chickpea & coconut curry, fluffy rice, spicy noodles, and some other things I can't remember. A bargain too, at about £6 per head. I went again a couple of days later and had really good baked plantain. It was friendly and laid back, and played some good music. My only slight criticism would be that the chocolate cake I had was a little dry. Neutral Emma Woodcock
Sun, 11 Feb 2007 00:00:00 +0000
After reading the glowing review of this restaurant that was posted on this site in February, I decided to try it out on a Saturday evening and brought along my omnivorous partner to see what he made of it. All I can say is that the earlier glowing review is spot-on. The menu was wonderfully varied and the food itself was simply superb. I chose some good dishes (a baked avocado starter, followed by pancakes filled with vegan cream cheeese and other interesting ingredients) but was more interested in what my partner ordered - a starter of baked mushrooms that he said were the best he'd ever tasted, followed by the creamiest pasta dish (thanks to cashew cream) with more mushrooms. Our food was simply bursting with vibrant flavour, as was the carrot, apple and ginger juice that I had. The atmosphere was relaxed and the service was good and helpful. If you haven't yet tried this restaurant, treat yourself - it's an absolute treasure. Positive Aidan Coyle
Mon, 11 Sep 2006 00:00:00 +0100
I really love this restaurant. First of all, the food is just super delicious, be it salads, main dishes or the superb desserts, even vegan Tiramisu, which just tastes like the original. Before you have tried it, you just would not believe how delicious 100% vegan food can be, not to mention how healthy. From the main dishes I particularly love the "Eggplant parmigiano" which tastes as if real Parmesan cheese had been used. Also, the "carrot lasagne" is wonderful and just extremely yummy. But actually each and every dish that head chef Ben and chef Stefan prepare are unbeatable in taste and arrangement. The buffet lunch (with a wide variety of salads and hot dishes) is extremely well priced at £5 for all you can eat. They use organic ingredients where possible and everything is really fresh. If you choose to come in the evening, candles are lit in the windows and you can choose from an evolved a la carte menu. Whether you like "Seitan Stroganoff" or "Broccolini di Parma", your taste buds will love it. And prices are very reasonable. The atmosphere is serene, there is no smoking and you can just sit back, relax... and enjoy the food and drinks (freshly squeezed, smoothies etc.). So, whether you are on a shopping trip on High Street Kensington or Fulham Broadway, coming from the gym (Holmes Place Fulham Pools is just around the corner) or work in the area, just pop in and try it. I did and I keep going there as often as I can. Positive S. Schneider
Fri, 24 Feb 2006 00:00:00 +0000

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