Add or update your restaurant

Before you begin to add your restaurant, please be sure we do not already have you listed in our database.  The best way to check is to search Veggie Heaven for your restaurant name. If the name may have changed or has multiple common spellings then it may be best to search on your postcode.

You will need to sign up and log in to add or update your restaurant.

Adding a restaurant

Once you are sure we don't already have you listed and are logged in you can use the following page to add a new restaurant.

Updating your restaurant

Search for or browse to your restaurants existing page, you MUST be signed up and logged in with the same email address or account that we have on file for the restaurant. At the bottom of the profile page you will see an "update your restaurant" link.  Clicking this will take you to the restaurant update page.

If you do not see the "update your restaurant" link then you are either not logged in, or we may not have the correct email address on file for the restaurant, please contact us to associate yourself with your restaurant.